5 Top Tools to Improve Email Marketing
Do you want to grow your business?  Are you looking...
Do you want to grow your business?  Are you looking for the best email marketing tools that are affordable, easy to use and have features necessary to turn your leads into your customers? Right?

It looks simple enough, but in the rapidly changing digital marketing, it becomes tricky to pick the best marketing tool which fulfills all your business needs. The selection of the right email marketing tool has a very significant impact on the success of any business marketing campaign. That’s why, in this article, we are going to put together five Best tools to improve your email marketing campaigns.



What to look over while choosing the best email marketing tool?

If you start sending random emails for your brand promotion to people and think that it will start producing a profit overnight for you. It will not be going to happen.  Email marketing is a way to communicate with others in a humanized fashion.  Here are the factors that you need to look over while choosing an email  marketing tool.


While doing digital marketing, the best email marketing tool will be your best friend. Sending emails and updating the email list manually can be a time-consuming task. Choosing an email marketing platform that can easily integrate with your CRM. It will allow you to manage your content and your customer data conveniently. Another amazing thing about it is that it will provide you with the overall stats such as click-through rates, open rates, etc.

Reading & Viewing options
Forty-three percent of people around the globe check their emails on their mobile each day. It means you should select such a marketing tool that provides mobile-optimized templates design. Because if you select such a tool that does not provide service with smartphones, then people won’t be able to open emails on their phones. Your emails will not show correctly, and they will bounce. As a result, your effort will be superfluous.

Response Handling
It does not matter that your business is medium, small, or colossal- handling email response is very much essential. If you are handling a lot of emails per month,   then it can be difficult   for you to handle manually. You should choose such an email marketing tool, which allows you to send the aggregate customer or automated responses.

Best tools to improve Email Marketing:


Constant Contact:

If you are in the market for a free email campaign, then Constant Contact will be perfect to satisfy your   email marketing requirements. If you are just starting-up of your business and want to see how an email marketing tool can help you out to grow your business, then this probably is the best option to start with the free email marketing tool than paying for the premium AWeber’s email marketing tool. This email marketing service offers 100% guaranteed results that your   emails send to your subscribers.  

Here are some features which you will get using this tool:

You will get complete control to design a customizable template and make your professional-looking newsletters and emails using the drag and drop editing feature.
Track down your complete results into real-time.
It helps you to easily manage   your growing email list.
You will get an amazing social integration feature to integrate social links in your email marketing campaign.
The 60-day free trial will be enough for you to decide whether this tool is perfect for your business needs or not. Afterward, you have to pay $15 for the per month subscription. However, you will get a very productive email marketing campaign using this tool. It   will make your investment worthwhile.



MailChimp, is a user-friendly and powerful tool for all those who want to concentrate on eCommerce and business rather than those who just want to earn money in their affiliate marketing business. 

This tool will provide you the following services:

Free email service for your initial 500 subscribers.
You can integrate your emails with the CRMs and   the shopping carts.
You can create your own sign-up form that match-up your brand. It will provide you an opportunity to post it into your social media account.
A drag and drop feature is available, which makes email marketing easy for you.
You can design a customize message template, and a customizable professional-looking message which you can send to your subscribers.


This is all in one email marketing tool, which offers the following services:

It will let you store infinite contacts, and you will get a fully free plan for an email marketing campaign.
You can build landing pages and the signup forms.
You can send at most 300 emails in a day.
What’s more? You will get a free WordPress plugin with it that will allow you to set up transactional or automated emails directly through your WordPress website.
You will get the opportunity to segment users, create workflows, send the transactional emails, etc.
You will be able to track your customer interactions through CRM.
You will get a chat service through which you can connect with all your client's live.
Much more…!
You can get all the above-mentioned services at just $66 per month.



GetResponse is an amazing tool that will let you create attractive and beautiful email newsletters. GetResponse has many beautiful design templates to choose from. You   can use these to unlock a world of creativity. You can promote your business and brand by making your own email design.

Here are some features that you will get by this tool:

Good editing tools.
You can save snippets and can retrieve anytime the email history.
You will get so many custom template designs to create email newsletters.
They provide iStock images that allow you to create a beautiful design for your newsletter and email.
There is a block feature available for adding buttons and text.


This software is very popular in the world of digital marketing. Digital marketers have been using it historically for email marketing. If  you are newbies, you will also get so many pros from this tool, although it is probably designed for a more advanced user. You will have access to many convenient features with this platform. Further, its features also allow marketers to earn money from email marketing.  

Your Turn?

Are you running any email marketing campaign? Do you use any email marketing tool? Which one tool do you use? Do you think that email marketing is beneficial for your business? Or you prefer social media marketing only?

Share your current situations and strategies in the comments below!
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