Ten Best Marketing Strategies You Need in 2020
Ten Best Marketing Strategies You Need in 2020 Digital marketing...
Ten Best Marketing Strategies You Need in 2020

 Digital marketing is rapidly changing in 2020. There are a lot of trending marketing strategies that are evolving this year. Old marketing strategies will be faded away and slowly replaced by new shiny marketing strategies. So, let’s check out the ten best marketing strategies you may need in the year  2020. 


 1.    Video content to captivate a new audience

 In the last few years, video content is exploding as a great marketing trend to captivate customers. New marketing trends are putting a great focus on the video content to engage a new audience. Many core platforms are also available for video marketing. YouTube no longer remains a single option for people to promote video content. Instagram, Facebook and all other social media channels are being used heavily to promote video content. TikTok is one of the best emerging marketing strategies for video content to attract the attention of new customers.     


 2.    Personalization

 Advancement in technology produces a great impact on the personalization marketing strategy. Personalization is the trendy marketing strategy in which businesses keep in mind the preferences and needs of their audience. It helps them to market the right product to the right individual at the right time. Personalization is a better way to attract an audience and create a meaningful attraction for them.  

 So you can increase your customers’ loyalty and sales by working on personalized content, experiences, and emails. It will open the door for you to create a strong interaction with the customers. For years, many renowned companies such as Netflix and Amazon are also using personalized content as individual recommendations. 


 3.    Visualization

 Visual search is an emerging technology in the world of machine learning and artificial intelligence. It provides great potential for consumers how to search and purchase products.

 Research shows that individuals prefer visual content to plain content. Instagram and Pinterest are significant examples of  this trend. Pinterest, Google, Amazon, and several other companies are investing a lot in visual search technology. 



 4.    Chatbot

 The chatbot is a great way of the future. Through the use of artificial intelligence, Chatbot can reply to customers in real-time via instant messaging. The chatbot is a great way to engage in customers’ attraction. It helps save resources, money, and time of businesses. That’s why Chatbot is getting a lot of popularity day by day. 

 Chatbot listens to people, answers their questions, and resolves their issues within a few seconds. Pharmaceutical, banking, and several other industries heavily depend on the chatbot to do the small task and provide the answer to customers’ repetitive queries. Artificial intelligence analyzes search patterns and consumers' actions. It pulls out the information from different social media channels to train a chatbot. The chatbot is an amazing way to provide instant reply and serve customers in a better way. 




 5.    Instagram and Facebook ads

 Well, paid ads campaigns on social media channels are not new. Though, most of the businesses are now focusing more on Instagram and Facebook ads than other social media channels. From the previous few years, the popularity of paid advertisements on these platforms has grown multiple times. 

 Since now Facebook owns Instagram, so it’s become easier for business to manage their ads on both platforms at a time. The same interface facilitates the companies to target the right audience. 

 Do not worry, if you are not running any paid ads on these platforms at a moment, however, you can add this marketing strategy and give it a try in the year 2020. You should give it at least one try, these                      are the best places to engage more audiences. 


 6.    Live Video 

 Live video is an incredible industry and until 2021 its market is expected to be worth over 70 billion dollars. Usually, now consumers like to watch more live video streaming than that of  pre-records videos.


 Live video streaming is another popular way to provide information to your consumers about your new product.

 Live video streaming is a great marketing strategy if you want to grab the attention of your social media audiences such as on Instagram or Facebook. Live streaming videos attract viewers a lot because they have the fear that they will miss it out. So, you can provide great and exciting news to your audience about your products using live video streaming.

 7.    Update all previous content

 Don’t forget this strategy, it looks simple, but it can produce a great impact on your business. Never forget about your previous content to keep on updating it every year. It will create a good impact on your audience, and they will get more attracted to that because they do not want to read old content that was uploaded years ago. 

 So, to keep your audience captivating and to increase your website traffic, keep on updating all previous website content and make it looks fresh. It is an awesome marketing strategy. 


 8.    Voice search

 Voice search is a future trending technology of search engine marketing. People are using Google Assistant or Alexa in their phones to search for their desire results. Smart Speakers is also a great technology to use Google Assistant or Alexa. Smart Speaker makes search more interactive, organized, and convenient for people. A recent study shows that 60% of the smart speakers' users use them at least four times or more a day. This number is more likely to increase in the coming future.



 9.    Micro-moments

 Digital marketers put a value on every visitor who browses through  their website. Though, the micro-moment strategy can only work if you deliver your message at the correct time to your audience.



 10.  Data Insight

 Data, reports, dashboards and analytics are of great significance for marketing products. Data insights if properly prioritized, it will improve the performance and results. MAXG, Moz, and SEMrush--- these are some popular data insight tools to improve performance. 




 If you do not have already started any new marketing strategy, you should take a step ahead and start any 2020 marketing strategy. Make sure to select a strategy with the complete plans and  clear goals in your mind to make it successful.
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